One-click rewards from Smart Bro


Smart’s making it easier for its loyal subscribers to redeem rewards through their SMART Rewards’ bCODE technology. What it does is that it lets qualified SMART Bro postpaid and prepaid users redeem discounted or free items via their online account, including movie passes to upcoming movies. To do this, they need to log in to their WebConnect account and click on redeem free items. Once there, they can redeem a discounted or free ticket (depending on the points they’ve already accumulated), which will be sent to their email address via bCODE. The bCODE in turn can be printed out and taken to bCODE terminals located at SM Cinema lobbies, and enjoy the movie of their choice. The whole process sounds a bit complicated, but trust us, it’s simpler than it sounds. Want to know more how you can get in on this? You can check flyers and print ads, or visit their site at