Pay what you want for five great indie games


Want to grab five great games and feel all warm and fuzzy inside? Well, today’s your day – The Humble Indie Bundle 3 allows you to set your own price on five fantastic indie games. You read that right, YOU get to set the price you’re willing to part with for these five games. But before you set the price to .05 US cents, keep in mind that aside from splitting the money five ways, a portion of the proceeds also go to two other organizations: Child’s Play and Electronic Frontier Foundation. The former is a charity organization founded by gamers and the latter is a civil liberties group defending rights in the digital world. As with the bundle, you’ll also get to decide how much each organization gets (or if they get anything at all). As of writing, the operating system with the biggest wallets seems to be the Linux guys (with an average of $10.77 spent on the bundle)  with the Windows guys being the stingiest (with an average of $3.83) and the Mac guys floating in the middle (an average of  $6.10).

Source: Humble Bundle