Project Zomboid promises zombies, survival and your death

One of the things I really liked about ANC’s The Walking Dead was the whole inescapable reality of the zombie apocalypse – it’s more about survival and the human condition rather than the zombies that threatened the character’s lives. There was no chosen one, no cure and no escape – just constant death and the struggle to survive. That portrayal of the zombie apocalypse has been absent from games – until I stumbled into Project Zomboid. The game is different in that death is inescapable – you ARE going to die sooner or later – its the things you do before your death that matters. Right now the game is in it’s alpha stages and will be released Minecraft style , meaning it’s not complete, and the developers are still planning and implementing a lot of features as the days and months roll by.

The graphics are a throwback to isometric games of old (like XCOM if any of you guys can remember that far back) and puts a big emphasis on survival and not combat. But that doesn’t mean that there won’t be a lot of combat – this wouldn’t be a proper zombie game if you couldn’t bash a few zack skulls, after all – it just means that you’ll have to be very selective of who, and when, you fight. There’s a good crafting system in place, as well as a day/night and hunger cycle. There’s a playable demo available that paints a pretty good picture of where the game is going, and we’ve linked it below so you guys can try the game out. If you like the game, you can support the devs by ponying up the £5.00 (Php 352) for it.

Source: Project Zomboid