Samsung GALAXY S II: For the Discerning who know they deserve better

Bringing you more reasons to love the evolution of mobile phones, Samsung gives you yet another “galactic” addition to its range of products.

Samsung Electronics Philippines Corp. (SEPCO), the leader in Android smartphones, announced that the Samsung GALAXY S II (Model: GT-I9100), the first 4G phone to hit the country that is beautifully thin (8.49mm),lightweight and extremely powerful with its  1.2 GHz dual-core processor. The Samsung GALAXY S II bears with it the latest Android smartphone OS,  Android 2.3 Gingerbread. Complementing this latest operating system is an uber fast 1.2GHz Dual Core processor, the most vivid and brilliant Super AMOLED Plus screen and the smartest voice solution that enables the user to call, text, email and even surf the internet hands-free.

“In 2011, we will take Samsung’s leadership in Speed, Screen and Content to a whole new level,” said Glenn Glinoga, Business Unit Director of SEPCO’s Mobile Communications Business. “With the GALAXY S II, Samsung wants to set the new standard of quality viewing on mobile, powerful performance, and slim and modern design.”  The GALAXY S II is a powerful evolution of GALAXY S as it builds on the phenomenal success of the original Samsung GALAXY S. “We are proud to unveil the ultimate smartphone,” added Glinoga.  “Consumers will no longer have to limit themselves because the Samsung GALAXY S II allows them to design their own smart lives.”

“We’re are very excited and proud to bring in the first 4G Android smartphone in the country that not only pleases the eye but delivers the most delightful smartphone experience,” added Coco Domingo, Product Marketing Head of SEPCO’s Mobile Communications Business.

Taking Mobile Computing to Another Level

Incorporating a dual-core application processor and advanced 4G wireless network (HSPA+ 21) connectivity, the Samsung GALAXY S II has the speed and power to provide the best mobile performance. The 1.2 GHz Dual-core application processor offers  features such as fast web browsing, multi-tasking comparable to a PC-like environment, supreme graphics quality and instantly responsive 3D user interface on the large screen. The GALAXY S II also offers seamless multitasking, switching between applications instantly. Superior 3D hardware performance makes games and video incredibly fast and smooth.

With super-fast HSPA+ connectivity, the GALAXY S II offers rapid download speeds while BlueTooth® 3.0+HS reduces data transfer times.  The Samsung GALAXY S II is equipped with an 8MP, high-profile camera and camcorder with 1080p full HD recording and playback. With Samsung’s patented AllShare technology capture, create and share experiences hassle-free.

LED TV in your pocket?

The Samsung GALAXY S II is equipped with Samsung’s new crystal-clear Super AMOLED Plus screen. This is the most advanced mobile visual display ever created. With this display, Samsung sets a new standard of quality viewing on mobile handsets. The Super AMOLED Plus introduces the best in quality in color gamut, contrast ratio and edge sharpness. Using RealStripe screen technology and a greatly increased sub-pixel count, Super AMOLED Plus complements the human eye in its ability to recognize images. With a wider viewing angle and increased visibility outdoors, the Samsung GALAXY S II provides a more vibrant viewing experience than any other mobile device. The Super AMOLED Plus display does not compromise battery performance. A significant reduction in power consumption from Super AMOLED display makes it more energy-efficient than other comparably-sized devices.

Doing more with your Voice

The Galaxy S II is truly smarter than the ordinary smartphone. With its pre-loaded voice solution feature, Galaxy S II users can command their phone to call, text and even send an email hands-free. Simply activate the voice solution with these simple words “Hey Galaxy” and the phone automatically responds by asking the user what he would like to do. This unique solution translates uttered words into both commands and actual text so SMS and emails cam be dictated and sent without the use of one’s fingers.

Samsung GALAXY S II Goes to Work

Samsung has introduced a new range of enterprise mobility solutions that help enterprise customers empower a flexible and connected mobile workforce. Samsung has partnered with IT industry leaders to offer the most relevant enterprise solutions to the Samsung GALAXY S II, working seamlessly on the Android Gingerbread platform and paying special attention to securing data and network. These solutions include enhanced conferencing and connectivity services from Cisco, the most comprehensive mobile implementation of Microsoft Exchange ActiveSync and secure remote device management from Sybase.

Stay entertained and connected

Samsung launches its Samsung Hubs which are integrated mobile applications designed to fit every element of your life in the GALAXY S II.

For starters there is the Social Hub Premium which is touted as the future of communication. The social hub premium allows one to talk to whoever they want, in whatever way they want, all from the contact’s list. Imagine in one look you get your Communication history, IM status, and updates from social networking sites all in one go. From here, users can access all types of messages (push e-mail, text, VM and SNS) and respond directly without resorting to individual applications.

Want a smartphone with you fave books? The Samsung Galaxy S II can do this, too with its Reader’s Hub. Carry an enormous library of books, magazines and newspapers on-the-go. Through strategic partnerships, Samsung Readers Hub provides over 2.2 million books and novels, 2,000 global and local newspapers in 49 languages and 2,300 popular magazines in 22 languages.

Need a stress break?  Play a few games on the Galaxy S II Game Hub, which is the easiest way to download and play best-in-class mobile games. The game hub features a 3-axis gyroscopic sensor which allows the Samsung GALAXY S II to unleash a world of gaming possibilities. Try for free and download premium titles from partners like Gameloft, or ‘enjoy Social Network Games (SNG) powered by mobage including ngmoco’s We Rule and We City’.

And, if music is your thing there is the Music Hub. Imagine, you can make Samsung GALAXY S II a personal music manager and access over 12 million tracks from 7digital. Discover what’s hot from top charts, search for favorite music, get recommendations on albums, enjoy previews and download them directly to Samsung GALAXY S II.

Make it personal

The Samsung GALAXY S II gives customers more choices in personalizing their smartphone experience.  Samsung has introduced Live Panel, a service that aggregates live web and application contents to a single customizable home-screen. Customers can design the lay-out of their own Live Panel, online services and mobile apps to appear on-screen. SNS feeds, information and many more applications can all be embedded and accessed instantly through the magazine-like layout.

Samsung also introduces Kies Air that allows users to manage their smartphone contents from their PC, via local WiFi connections. Download photos taken on the built-in camera, listen to music, check missed calls and send messages in the web browser on their PC. For added connectivity, WiFi Direct allows consumers to connect to wireless-enabled PCs and printers without the need for wireless access points.