Smart iPhone 4S pricing finally unveiled

We’re currently chilling at the Rockwell Power Plant for the iPhone 4S launch, and we’ve managed to get the final pricing for the iPhone 4S. Here it is:

Prepaid Cash Out:

16GB 33,200

32GB 38,200

64GB 43,200

iPhone Plans

Plan 2499

16GB Free

32GB Php 200/month for 24 months

64GB Php 400/month for 24 months

Plan 999

16GB Php 999/month for 24 months

32GB Php 1,200/month for 24 months

64GB Php 1,400/month for 24 months

Unlimited Data Plans

Plan 4000

16GB, 32GB and 64GB Free

Plan 3000

16GB and 32GB Free

64GB Php 5,000

Plan 2000

16GB Php 2,500

32GB Php 8,000

64GB Php 12,000

Plan 1500

16GB Php 12,500

32GB Php 17,500

64GB Php 22,500



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