The predator becomes the prey: Lulzsec members supposedly unmasked by rival hacking group

Well color us surprised</sarcasm>. Notorious internet hacking collective Lulzsec, which claim have disbanded a few days ago have themselves been hacked by a rival group calling themselves the A-Team, and have been unveiled via a comprehensive list of names, email addresses and possible locations of those involved in some of the group’s hacking activities in the same site that Lulzsec used when dumping data, namely pastebin. The timing of the unveiling sheds new light to Lulzsec’s abrupt departure from the hacking scene, which confirms rumours that the group was forced to go their separate ways because of rising pressure from both government agencies like the FBI and other hacking groups that doesn’t share Lulzsec’s view on hacking for the lulz. The data dump gives the A-Team’s motivation for unmasking, or in internet speak, doxing, the group, and gives hackers everywhere a piece of wisdom that’s always conveniently forgotten: “The internet by definition is not anonymous.  Computers have to have attribution. If you trace something back far enough you can find its origins.”

Via: Gizmodo

Source: Pastebin