Toshiba Portege Z930: First impressions

Toshiba’s Z930 has just arrived at the office, and we’re here to give you our first impressions, before we go and do a full-on review. Out of the box, the first thing we noticed was the weight, or rather, the lack of it. It’s the lightest laptop I have ever had the pleasure of handling. Even now, there is a feeling of disbelief that I get whenever I pick the thing up. It feels like an empty shell. It’s a very fetching shade of “Business Grey and looks all business.” A quick tap of the power button, and the slim little ultrabook comes to life. Boot time is well under the 20-second mark from a cold start.

The keys are nice and large, with pretty good travel for such a light device. To keep weight down, most of the laptop is plastic, so it does feel a little bendy and delicate. I am a little worried as to how it may fare in transit. The flex on the screen is a little worrying. It does have a magnesium frame, so it should do fine. Toshiba has always had a very solid track record with their devices, so I am willing to suspend judgement until i get some more time with the thing.

I’ll be working hard, putting the Z930 through its paces, so hang on and wait for the full lab in our October issue.