Luxury Within Reach: Redfox Debuts New Branding

Redfox Technologies International Ltd., one of the many innovation leaders in the tech scene, recently came out with a new brand image meant to reinforce its market presence in the country and internationally.

Along with the reveal of its new image branding, Redfox also launched its tagline “Luxury within Reach,” which will serve as the basis for the creation of products with quality and elegance pegged at a reachable cost.

From being a PC manufacturing company to becoming a provider of end-to-end solutions and globally-acclaimed products, Redfox won’t stop at nothing to win the hearts of consumers. The company has beefed up its product portfolio, now offering a premium selection of products that include its latest line of smartphones, laptops, gaming PCs, and other peripherals for techies from all walks of life. This is in addition to its existing lineup of pioneering products.

In line with the launch of its new branding, consumers will soon get to see the first UXperience Center in Southeast Asia that will offer interactive E-Sports and learning hubs supported by E-Blue. This initiative is expected to catapult the brand into the global stage.

Moreover, Redfox also plans to do mall tours to promote its flagship smartphone “Aurea.”

Committed to offer the best customer service and satisfaction, Redfox also announced that a global RMA and nationwide service center, that will provide customer support 24/7, is currently in the works.

Redfox is embracing change, continuously developing innovations and cutting-edge technologies for its smartphone, tablet, laptop, desktop, and gaming PC segments. Redfox is also securing more successful partnerships to better its array of offering and facilitate business opportunities.

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