Five (5) Ways the Hyundai H350 can keep your business ahead

You know you are winning in life when you have the ability to get the ball rolling in just a snap of your finger, while others are still striving to amplify the magnitude of their voices. The years you have spent on counting victories, breaking barriers, growing your network, and becoming a time management expert have helped you make a name for yourself-a name that can make hearts beat faster, because everyone knows that with you, anything is serious business…and pleasure.

With your caliber, you can afford almost anything except one thing: waste time. This is why you need a powerhouse that can keep up with your lifestyle.  The  Hyundai H350, the luxury 14-seater, simply never bows down.

Here are just five (5) of the many ways the H350 can keep you ahead of the game without ever having to compromise your precious time:

  1. The H350 gives you the breathing room you need. In a time when “virtual desk space” businesses exist and thrive, we can surmise that space is luxury. With an impressive cabin space of 20 feet L x 6.7 feet H x 9.4 feet W, you can say goodbye to that feeling of being chained to your mahogany desk.  H350’s space is similar to your plans for the future: larger than life. And with its towering cabin standing height of 6’3”, you won’t have stoop should you feel like walking or stretching after hours of reviewing proposals. As for luggage space, there is room for your briefcase and office equipment or supplies in the overhead shelves or  compartment at the back.
  2. The H350 lets you think outside the box. For visionaries, there’s nothing more frustrating than to have plans that can’t be executed properly due to rules and limitations. The H350 knows this, which is why it was designed with highly customizable features. Should you feel like transforming it into your mobile resting place in-between engagements, a state-of-the-art entertainment hub that lets you view and approve media files, or a dignified study where you can take important calls or even host urgent meetings, the H350 is there to absolutely deliver. You’ll never have to feel boxed in; the H350 lets you keep it your way on the highway.
  3. The H350 won’t fail your connections. Due to the traffic congestion, it’s challenging for everybody to make it to the boardroom on time. With the H350, you can bring the boardroom to them! It seats 14 people, with each seat ergonomically-designed for ample head room and cramp-free legroom. You don’t even have to play favorites on who gets the best seats, the H350 treats everybody as a VIP deserving of a comfortable journey.
  4. The H350 takes appearances seriously. High-class but still down-to-earth is the best way to describe the H350. While its features are dignified and luxurious, these do not alienate. Whether you configure the H350 to feel as cozy as your own home or as dynamic as a conference room, everybody on board is bound to have a divine experience. The ambiance set by the air-conditioning and roof speaker systems are designed to deliver efficient cooling and superb sound quality. With the simulated leather fabric for optimum comfort, and the electric-powered step board that graciously rolls out for passengers when  hopping on and off the vehicle, the H350 lets everyone know why you’re the boss. You find pleasure in business, and treat everyone’s pleasure as serious business.
  5. The H350 provides security on the road. Successful people reach their status because they feel secure about themselves. With the H350, you’ll never have to be worry, because safety is optimized. It comes with a gamut of features that give passengers peace of mind. The powerful CRDi diesel engine is efficiently balanced with the Rollover Mitigation (ROM) system which lessens the chances of overturning; and the Hill-Assist Control (HAC), which prevents the H350 from rolling back in an incline. Coming to a full stop won’t be a problem either with its Engine Drag Control (EDG), which prevents the rear axle from locking during engine braking, and the Hydraulic Brake Assist (HBA), which quickly activates both the brakes and the Emergency Stop Signal (ESS) in times of emergency and dangerous situations.

It’s time to give yourself the pleasure you deserve as you stay on top of your game. Find the perfect embodiment of yourself in the Hyundai H350 and discover how it can let you get more out of life while on the road. #GustoKoH350 #GustoKayaSama