Distracted No More: A Smart Solution for the Modern Filipino Driver

A quick search on Instagram using #Driving and an instant 5 million plus searches will pop out. Out of these posts, images of drivers in various poses behind the wheel are among the most popular. Granted that these photos are not just in the Philippines, it’s still quite alarming that the latest generation of drivers seems clueless of the repercussion an innocent ‘driver selfie’ entails.

As the Anti-Distracted Driving Act (ADDA) permanently takes effect in the Philippines, Filipino drivers are now challenged and required to be more attentive while on the road. After all, they are not just responsible for their safety, but more importantly, for the safety and lives of their passengers and the people they interact with on the road.

The ADDA states that drivers are prohibited to use mobile devices while on the road. As the policy aims to change behaviors, the question persists: how can the digital Filipino driver stay connected without getting pulled over by traffic enforcers, or worse, involving themselves (and their passengers and regular road passers-by) in an accident?

SYNC 3, Ford’s in-car connectivity platform, might just be the answer.

Faster than its previous generation, the new SYNC 3 is packed with an enhanced voice recognition system, a more intuitive smartphone-like touch screen, and an easier-to-understand graphical interface, this all-in-one system can help one stay connected.

Voice Recognition

Want to set an urgent appointment with your dentist, but still stuck in traffic? With an improved voice recognition feature, drivers can operate various commands and actions with SYNC 3 without taking their hands off the wheel. These include call and text messaging, music control and climate control. All one has to do is press the voice button located on the steering wheel and give out the command.


Nowadays, most drivers have become so reliant on navigational apps like Waze and Google Maps. The revised ADDA provides only a 4-inch allowance on the dashboard to give ample space for smartphones.

To avoid this, leveraging on a smart in-car tech system will be very useful. Just like several go-to apps, SYNC 3’s navigation feature is designed around one’s preferred routes and provides the driver traffic updates and weather-related conditions along the route. With SYNC3, drivers are aided to keep their eyes on the road and hands on the wheel.


When your everyday drive consists of at least 50% waiting for traffic to move, you are bound to get bored. Good news is SYNC’s infotainment system has made accessing the mobile device’s music library anytime through Bluetooth connection or via USB port.

“Safety is top priority at Ford, that’s why we invest in safety features such as SYNC 3 to ensure that every driving experience for our customers and their passengers is safe,” says Rodel Gallega, vice president for marketing and sales, Ford Philippines. “We recognize that drivers are living a more digitally-connected lifestyle, that’s why we are harnessing the power of technology through SYNC 3 to keep their eyes on the road and hands on the wheel while staying connected and entertained.”

Experience the SYNC 3 on the Focus, Everest, Explorer, Expedition, Mustang and the Ranger. To know more about the SYNC 3, visit https://www.ford.com.ph/owner/sync3/ or your nearest Ford dealership.