Ford showcases advances in parking assistance and obstacle avoidance



Ford has introduced a new technology that will park your car while you stand beside it and press a button. It’s designed to help you park at the shopping mall or tight spots at your work place.

Fully Assisted Parking Aid is an evolution of Active Park Assist—a feature currently available in vehicles like the 2014 Ford Focus that requires the driver to stay put.

Another new technology called Obstacle Avoidance can detect slow-moving and stationary objects (like people) from about 700 feet away. If the object is in your current driving path and you don’t react, the car can take over steering and swerve or apply the brakes. Ford says it has tested the technology at speeds over 38 miles per hour.

The research projects were announced this week in Belgium, but there is no set timeframe as to when we’ll see the technology in a Ford car.

Image and article courtesy of Tech Hive