Suzuki holds GSX-R1000R Invitational Test Drive

The GSX-R1000R Superbikes, fresh from the 11th IR Bike Fest and Trade Show, are back in the spotlight, and this time, not just for show.

Flown in from Australia after being tested by Team Suzuki Ecstar, the two sixth-generation GSX-R bikes were brought to the Clark International Speedway to be tested out by Philippine Superbikes Champion Miguel Bichara and MotoIR pioneer Anthony Roman.

The Philippines is the first ASEAN nation to have representatives test ride the new GSX-R on home soil.

One of the GSX-R1000Rs were brought in for individual testing by each of the riders. The testing is split into two parts: the calibrating lap and the race lap. The proceedings were supervised by Team Suzuki Pilipinas and Wheeltek’s Service Group.

“Suzuki Engineers got it right the first time. They did a really good job in making the bike very light which is the perfect formula for superbike racing. It is the most refined Suzuki GSX-R ever made with electronics that is the same with top European bikes. Power is very linear. The top end power of the bike is very good already what if we modify it? It is a bang for the buck. The brakes are very good as well. Size is shin; it actually feels smaller than the 600cc. It is the lightest GSX-R and is agile.”

Wheeltek Motor Sales Corporation vice president for sales and marketing Roscoe Odulio, general manager for big bikes Bobby Orbe and big bikes regional sales manager for North Luzon Philip Garcia, Suzuki Philippines motorcycle sales and marketing general manager Jun Bulot and regional sales manager for North Luzon Erick Fernandez were present at the tests. The event was also witnessed by the Suzuki Big Bikers Club.

The new GSX-R1000R, validly known as the “King of Sportbikes,” is said to be the most powerful, most aerodynamic, and best handling iteration yet. The motorcycle will be available within the year in the Philippine market.