Honda Deploys Mobile Power Pack in Romblon; Environmental Sustainability Project Kicks Off

Honda Motor Co. Ltd., just successfully conducted a demonstration testing of its Mobile Power Pack in Romblon Island in support of its sustainable society vision.

The Mobile Power Pack, developed by Honda, is a portable and swappable battery that stores electricity generated by renewable energy. It can be used as a power source to run electric devices. Its first demonstration testing in Asia was held in the island of Romblon where diesel power generation is the primary source of energy and citizens have to deal with constant fluctuations due to electricity demand.

Honda conducted the testing with Komaihaltec, with the latter installing a wind power generator. Honda, meanwhile, installed an Exchanger where surplus electricity will be stored in the Mobile Power Packs. These efforts are aimed at reducing CO2 emissions in the province through the replacement of diesel generators.

Soon in Romblon, Honda will also utilize PCX ELECTRIC, an electric motorized scooter, to be installed with the Mobile Power Pack to help in the production of renewable energy  in Romblon.

Honda is expanding its efforts toward the realization of “local generation and local consumption of energy” and a “carbon-free society” by combining technologies to “generate”, “get connected” and “use” for energy. The company continuously innovates to contribute to the creation of a sustainable and carbon-free environment.