Petron launches ‘HTP’ line of high-performance car lubes and fluids

Petron unveiled its newest line of vehicle lubricants and fluids, the High Temperature Protection (HTP) series, last February 2 at City Kart Racing in Circuit Makati.

The HTP line is scientifically formulated to deal with stressful conditions associated with operating under extreme heat. The current line-up of products is comprised of the Automatic Transmission Fluid (ATF) Premium HTP, the Brake Fluid HTP DOT 4, and the Grease HTP Lithium Complex.

The ATF Premium HTP is used for automatic transmissions which acts as a coolant, and cleans and protects metal surfaces. The synthetic lubricant has a higher viscosity index, which virtually has the same thickness even in higher temperatures. It also has better oxidative and thermal stability, helping it resist sludge formation and alterations even under extreme heat and oxidation in use.

The Brake Fluid HTP is rated DOT 4 (DOT stands for the US Department of Transportation) which means it has a higher dry boiling point of 230 degrees Celsius as opposed to the 205-degree limit of brake fluids that are one DOT rating lower.

The Lithium Grease Complex, on the other hand, is used to lubricate ball bearings, hinges and latches, preventing any excessive friction and protects the parts from rust and corrosion. The Lithium Grease has a 260 degrees Celsius dropping point which is higher than the 190-degree level of previous versions.

To celebrate the launch, Petron held a Go Kart exhibition at the track. Present at the event were guests from the media and motoring industry, including guest host and famous car enthusiast James Deakin and Petron’s new calendar girl Janine Gutierrez.