Volkswagen Polo, Touran, and Beetle tested in second Fuel Eco Run

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Last November 20, Volkswagen Philippines conducted another Eco Fun Run, the second in the series of fuel economy events putting Volkswagen’s eco-friendly turbocharged diesel (TDI) and turbo stratified injection (TSI) engines through real world tests. It is held in partnership with Pilipinas Shell Petroleum.

The second round of the fun run saw participants from the media and current Volkswagen Polo, Touran, and Beetle owners hitting the roads to set the best mileage-to-fuel ratio they can achieve. Antonio Basco and Alexis Matel Carlos, representatives from the Department of Energy’s Energy Efficiency and Conservation Division, were on board to verify the results.

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“We at Volkswagen Philippines are excited to have the second leg of the Volkswagen Eco Fun Run. Our purpose is to set our fuel efficiency record and enjoy the benefits of Volkswagen’s diesel and petrol engines known as TDI and TSI, respectively. Ultimately, our objective is to be the vehicle of choice and one of the ways for us to achieve this is by proving through these series of Eco Fun Runs that Volkswagen cars are indeed economical without compromising the driving quality,“ said JP Orbeta, president and CEO of Volkswagen Philippines.

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Allan Hernandez partnered with Wayne Tulio to nail a high fuel efficiency rating of 30.48km/L aboard their Polo Sedan 1.6RDI MT. Besting the Touran test was the 21.94km/L performance of Ron De Los Reyes and Davein Madrid. Finally, leading the iconic Beetle to a 16.32km/L efficiency rating were Paulo Subido and Raul Promeda.

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The Volkswagen TDI engines use an optimized operating principle to achieve high fuel economy, minimal emissions, strong torque, and outstanding power. The turbocharger blasts fresh air into the engine for ideal cylinder charging, after which a high pressure nozzle injects diesel fuel directly into the cylinders. The engine and exhaust were also engineered to make minimal noise and the least possible harmful gas emissions.

Meanwhile, the TSI engine enlists its unique Twincharger in outputting excellent pulling power while lessening fuel costs and emissions. The TSI engine is a staple of the Beetle 1.4 TSI DSG.