Yamaha conducts Safe Riding Science lesson for women on Mother’s Day

Yamaha Motor Philippines treated women to a special edition of its Safe Riding Science on Mother’s Day, May 14 at the Greenfield District, Mandaluyong.

The lesson was a way for Yamaha to give thanks to all mothers out there by giving them an opportunity to learn proper motorcycle riding in an event solely for them.

They began the day’s activities with a seminar on the basics of motorcycle riding including traffic rules. The participants all received roses when they arrived at the YZONE, Yamaha’s flagship store in Greenfield.

They then headed to the shop’s test ride area where they were greeted by Yamaha instructors and the company’s mascot, Revvy Bear. Revvy Bear proceeded to walk around Greenfield District and offered roses to mothers in the area for the rest of the riding lesson.

The moms completed a circuit of station wherein they learned more about motorcycle riding including proper riding gear, motorcycle parts and their functions, and ending with them completing a run around the course, each on a Mio.

After completing the course, the participants all received certificates to take home with them.