Racal issues apology to Yamaha for intellectual property violations

Racal Motor Sales Corporation and Racal Motor Assembly Corporation issued a public apology addressed to Yamaha Motor Co., Ltd. for intellectual property violations on the latter’s registered motorcycle designs.

The companies have admitted the sale and distribution of its MD110 and JR125 which closely resemble Yamaha’s Sniper and Mio Soul which are designated with Philippine Industrial Design Registration numbers 3-2005-000512 and 3-2006-000587.

Racal has announced in its apology that it will no longer sell and distribute the MD110 and JR125.

Yamaha advises consumers to pay attention to the details of the motorcycles that they will purchase to ensure authenticity. Authentic Yamaha products have been manufactured with quality original parts and have undergone rigid quality testing.

According to an official statement released by Yamaha: “To protect products from any and all infringement, the company applies for intellectual property related rights and takes actions on multiple fronts to counter companies that manufacture, sell or distribute counterfeits of company products.”racal-public-apology