The 24-Hour Ford Fiesta Project

Ford Fiesta

The ‘24-Hour Fiesta Project’ is an innovative and interactive pre-launch campaign designed to engage young and connected Filipinos by matching their personalities, lifestyles, and tastes with the new Ford Fiesta.

Over a six-week period, participants were asked to pick a Fiesta Profile that matched both their personality and time-of-day that best reflected their lifestyle and share their profile with friends on social media.

One person from each Fiesta Profile—or a total of eight winners—will be announced on Tuesday, 20 August. Each of the winners, along with two of their friends, get to experience the class-leading new Ford Fiesta through a custom-made 24-hour itinerary based on their Fiesta Profile.

“We’ve had fantastic successes with our previous launch campaigns using unique, interactive, and engaging consumer initiatives,” said Prudz Castillo, AVP for marketing, Ford Philippines. “The ‘24-Hour Fiesta Project’ is another great way to connect our segment-leading vehicles with the lives and lifestyles of Filipinos.”

The all-new Ford Fiesta is a proud product of the 21st century that’s designed with simplicity in mind. With a keyless entry and ignition system among its many smart technologies, there is no need to manually unlock the car or put a key into the ignition.

A 21st-century consumer will find the concept comfortingly familiar, but Ford finds it as the automotive equivalent of an app or browser that remembers your passwords, letting you access your email or favorite websites immediately.

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The technology works with a special transponder key in your pocket or bag that will unlock the doors for you. Sit on the driver’s seat and press the Ford Power Start button, and the engine will come to life at your touch. As an emergency backup, the transponder fob contains a conventional key inside it, and there are keyholes in the driver’s door and steering wheel mount. When you arrive at your destination, you won’t have to worry about locking your keys inside by mistake. Smart sensors can tell that there’s still a key inside the car and will prevent the doors from locking.

“We’re seeing more and more applications in which keys are giving way to more advanced technologies, like key cards, passcodes, and even biometric scanners,” Castillo notes, adding that “A lot of these technologies are driven by a desire for improved security, but consumers have also been enthusiastically adopting them for the convenience they offer. We think the car is the next logical step.”

Additionally, with the use of Ford’s MyKey technology, owners will have the ability to program a separate key to restrict the vehicle’s top speed and lock-in other safety settings for younger drivers.

The new Fiesta will arrive in Ford showrooms in August as part of the ‘24-Hour Fiesta Project,’ allowing consumers to experience it for themselves.

The new Fiesta combines contemporary style with state-of-the-art technology that will make every drive safe, comfortable, entertaining, and fun. With an edgier exterior design, including new dynamic colors and a redesigned sporty new grille, it will definitely appeal to Filipino consumers.


Words by Janelle M. Bustilla
First published in Gadgets Magazine, August 2013