There’s a New Nissan Navara in Town


The Nissan Navara GTX 4X4 is the latest top-of-the-line iteration of Nissan’s tried and tested pick-up that integrates power and agility. A vehicle that can truly “Go To Xtremes,” the Navara GTX 4X4 is fitted with a 2.5-liter turbocharged CRDi engine that is mated to an extremely capable 4X4 drive train.

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Factory-fitted with a GPS navigation system, the Navara GTX 4X4 is all set for trailblazing as soon as it hits the road. With the updated navigation software, the adventurous Navara driver can track his journeys to know where he is and where he’s headed in real-time at all times.


The new Navara GTX 4X4 comes with a string of updates. New projector type headlamps are fitted for even better nighttime highway and off-road visibility. LED park and tail lights make the Navara GTX 4X4 more visible to other cars on the road, thus adding to road safety. The already tough Navara is made to look even tougher with the redesigned grille and bumper. Technological amenities have also been enhanced on the new Navara GTX 4X4. It is factory-fitted with a Wi-Fi and USB port for wireless connectivity. For convenience and safety, a reverse assist camera has been installed. The Navara GTX 4X4’s state-of-the-art multimedia system serves as the technological focal point for its driver and passengers, stitching together entertainment, navigation, connectivity, information, and reverse assist functions seamlessly.


Available in more updated color options of Alpine White, Galaxy Black, Red, or Platinum Silver, the Nissan Navara GTX 4X4 promises to take the driver wherever he may please in complete confidence.


Words by Janelle M. Bustilla
Photos by JP Pining
First published in Gadgets Magazine, August 2013