Tobu Sakura Matsuri 2017: Sakura Viewing Made Easy

If there’s one thing we’re sure is present in every scenic traveler’s must see list, it would have to be the blooming of Cherry trees in Japan. This sight to behold occurs in spring and is undoubtedly beautiful, more so when the petals begin to fall like snow to litter Japan’s roads.

Knowing the right time and place to see Sakura in full bloom is quite tricky, so planning ahead does wonders. To help Filipinos planning trips to Japan this spring, Tobu Railways has launched “Tobu Sakura Matsuri 2017” which aims to share the charm of cherry-blossoms along the railway.

Tobu Railway is a major railway covering the Kanto area, spreading out mainly in Tokyo. The railway line connects many charming, sightseeing spots which are brimming with locals and tourists throughout the year. This includes the world’s tallest tower Tokyo Skytree, the world heritage location Nikko Toshogu Shrine, which recently finished repair work lasting about four years on its newly revitalized Yomeimon Gate, and Kawagoe, an area where classic warehouses built in kura style still remain to this day.

As part of this project, Tobu Railway has announced the creation of a special website to introduce recommended cherry-blossom viewing spots, the best times for seeing them bloom, and facilities offering cherry-blossom sweets, perfect for souvenirs or for quick break during a trip.  

The site is also set to feature 360-degree videos of three of the leading cherry-blossom spots in the Kanto area, Sumida Park, Satte Gongendo’s bank of cherry trees, and the sakura trees lining Kawagoe Shingashi River. Perfect for those who have yet to save for a trip to Japan, visitors of the site can see the blossoms after they have fully bloomed, allowing them a realistic cherry-blossom viewing experience as if they’re physically in these famous spots.

Visit to experience Japan’s famous Sakura and for more information. The site will be available to visit until April 30, 2017.