Valvoline: Committed To Going Green


Valvoline Philippines, a subsidiary of Ashland Incorporation and a leading automobile lubricant and motor oil manufacturer, brings total protection to your cars. The authority in lubricants, as established worldwide, is committed to their drive of providing eco-friendly service for every product they deliver. Behind the success of the motor lube company is their careful and intelligent innovation dedicated for safer environment and for more comfortable ride.

Valvoline’s Eagle One EnviroShine revolutionary wash works hard and deep cleans even the most delicate surface. It does not contaminate water sources with its runoff, so you don’t have to worry about its environmental impact. Only four full caps to a bucket of water will do the tough job, and as a bonus, it leaves a peppermint scent.

Apart from that, its richness and lasting suds washes off the dirt. It is guaranteed to be safe to all finishes, does not strip wax, and it is also body shop safe. You’ll soon be amazed that you actually have a wash and a wax as well. Technical innovation is one of the secrets to Eagle One’s advantage over the other brands. This makes Eagle One the best choice for those who want their car to look fantastic while spending less time and effort doing it, as Eagle One products deliver quality performance in half the time. Environment wise, EnviroShine is uniquely safe in the atmosphere. It is non toxic, biodegradable, and free from harsh solvents, which are the various factors for healthier streams, rivers, and groundwater. Valvoline NextGen is not dirty oil that was only cleaned. It uses a newer refining process just like crude oil refining. NextGen selects only recycled base oils that meet exacting quality standards. This is to assure that the gas it emits is safer than the usual oils.

Recycled motor oil prevents used oil from contaminating the soil and water. It also uses 56 percent fewer resources compared to oil made without recycled content, and reduces the use of fossil fuels by 48 percent, lessens harmful and acidic emissions by 40 percent, and saves millions of barrels of crude oil versus conventional oil. Thus, Valvoline NextGen saves natural resources as well. In terms of quality, NextGen exceeds industry specifications for performance, protection, and durability, so you get 50% re-refined oil with 100% Valvoline protection. NextGen has proven that it is better for the environment.

The Valvoline Professional Series (VPS) air conditioning system cleaner and odor eliminator eliminates odor-causing elements like mold, mildew, fungi, and bacteria without the need to disassemble the unit. VPS also made cleaning the air conditioning unit easier and faster. In just five easy steps, the product cleans the air conditioning unit in as fast as 45 minutes thoroughly to help reduce future wear. The ultra foaming action neutralizes and helps clear the system of these harmful contaminants as the foam breaks down and liquefies back out of the air conditioning system. The Spearmint Scent after the treatment is an indication that it’s working already. This will disperse within six to 12 hours, leaving the system odorless. With the VPS air conditioning system cleaner, the time and cost spent on your air conditioning maintenance are reduced.

Valvoline’s products promise a healthier environment and are true to their word. They do not contain chlorofluorocarbon (CFC) or other substances that harm the ozone layer. With their lineup of green products, Valvoline never stops seeking only the best with no compromise for both environment and your car. Consumers are guaranteed with Valvoline’s confidence with their never ending innovation only to bring what they deserve.