Yamaha and Metzeler Traverse Off-road Terrain in All XT Meeting

Packed with adrenaline and set on challenging mountain courses and gritty paths, off-road activities never fail to satisfy those who seek thrill, adventure, and camaraderie—off-road stories matter, and they’re always the ones worth telling. Together with Metzeler, Yamaha returned to the off-road setting for yet another eventful edition of the All XT Meeting.

In the spirit of camaraderie, owners of the Yamaha XTZ125 and the SEROW250 banded together in Sitio Balagbag, Barangay San Isidro, Rizal to warmly welcome the introduction of the new Yamaha YZ250.  Things quickly kicked-off as participants acknowledged the YZ250’s superior championship technology and ingenuity.

The collective effort and support of sponsors Motoworld, VS1, Lufong Restaurant, and media partner Motorcycle Philippines.com made the All XT meeting a successful one.

To be held on November 5, 2017, the next All XT meeting will allow participants to both sightsee and engage in special training courses in the Messiah Fair grounds in Taytay Rizal.