One FC: Lisita Vs Kawanago is Going to be massive

Australian featherweight Rob “Ruthless” Lisita is looking to put Yusuke Kawanago away in the next installment of the One FC Championship, to be held here in Manila on May 2 this year.

The fight, set to be held at the Mall of Asia (MOA) Arena is going to be one for the books, as Lisita hopes to get revenge for their previous encounter, which Lisita believes should have been his.

“Fans can expect ruthless aggression, a dog fight, a good scrap,” said the Australian. The two met in August 2012 under another MMA organization.

Since that loss, Australian has won three in a row, all by way of stoppage. In his last bout, he was the first fighter to ever beat Japanese mixed martial arts legend “Lion” Takeshi Inoue via stoppage.

He said MMA fans will enjoy it more this time. “Our first fight was good; we have both improved, we are gonna trade punches, and I always come to fight. It’s gonna be a great fight. I’m gonna put my fist on his chin and get my hand raised. I believe I have the power to knock him out; but it’s a fight anything can happen. I will do my best, and I think my best is better than his best.”

Lisita says he has grown as a fighter and done a lot to be more dangerous in the arena. Add to this his motivation to get back at Kawanago, and you have all the makings of a great bout.

Lisita’s style is expected to please the fans as he carries his aggressiveness to the cage and will not hesitate to bring the fight to his opponent. That’s the reason he got the monicker “Ruthless.” In his own words, Lisita calls himself a “pitbull, someone who attacks and will fight to the death.”

If Lisita needed any more motivation for his bout against Kawanago, he received it at the press conference at the MOA last March 18. While on the podium for his turn to talk, the Japanese confidently stated that his opponent is not as good as him and that he will knock him out on May 2. That obviously got Lisita hot under the collar and the duo had an intense staredown after the press conference.

Speaking to reporters after the press conference, Lisita said: “I think those words (of Kawanago) are spoken out of fear. We trained together after our first fight. He knows who the better guy is and I’ll prove it when I knock him out.”

Both fighters are new acquisitions by ONE FC as the organization secures the top mixed martial arts fighters across the world. They will be looking to make an immediate impact in the ONE FC Featherweight division as a victory will propel them to the shortlist of contenders for the World Championship belt currently held by Japanese Koji Oishi.

For Rob, signing with ONE FC is a dream as he gets to chase a world championship. “Everything about ONE FC is world-class. The production, the people, the fans, it’s all a whole new world to me and I can’t wait to showcase just what I can do. After this fight in May everybody will be talking about Rob Lisita and calling for me to fight for the title.”