Samsung shows you how to make Christmas easy with their “Build for the Philippines” Campaign

As anyone with a family can tell you, making a home run smoothly isn’t a job for the faint-hearted. The tasks involved require supreme logistical and planning skills and is by no means a minor feat. Throw the holidays into the mix, and you have all the potential for a how, teary mess.


Samsung knows just how difficult things are for the busy homemaker, and they want to make life a little bit easier for us all. Have Samsung show you how to find enough time to see your home fit and ready for the holidays without the requisite hair-pulling with their “Made for the Philippines” campaign featuring the best of their digital appliance line. The stars of the show are the the RT20FARVDSA Refrigerator, WA80F5S5 Washing Machine and AR09HVFSBWKNTC Air Conditioner, all built for the Filipina Supermom.

The devices help mom in two ways. First, they save precious time spent doing household chores, and their super-efficient design allows for savings when it comes to the monthly bills.


Samsung Built for the Philippines products also cut down on other household concerns such as defrosting. The frost-less RT20FARVDSA Refrigerator makes defrosting a thing of the past, keeping ice buildup from ever being a problem. The fully automatic WA80F5S5 Washing Machine is also just as efficient with its Aqua Preserve function that promotes water saving by recycling and reusing laundry water multiple times. It also features Samsung’s Wobble Technology that keeps clothes from tangling, preserving the most delicate clothes, while giving them a thorough clean. Last on the list is the AR09HVFSBWKNTC Split Type Aircon. This device has smart inverter technology that lets it keep the optimal temperature without having to keep the compressor on constantly. This allows electricity consumption for the device to be cut by 70% over other AC units. It also has an Easy Filter that helps eliminate dust, dangerous airborne contaminants, and allergens from the air.

Be merry and stress-free this Christmas with Samsung’s Made for the Philippines home appliances.