Samsung offering discounts for the Galaxy S II

Samsung’s about to launch their newest superphone, the Galaxy S II on July 2. If you’re the sort who really, really want to have it but balk at the price, then you’re in luck. Samsung is offering more than Php 6,000 discount values for the Galaxy S II – all you need to do is hit up the link we’ve embedded below anytime during the period of June 24, 2011 12:01AM to June 30, 2011 11:59PM and reserve your own. There’s only going to be 300 units available for the promo, so it’d be best if you bookmark that link and stay awake a wee bit later on the 24th.


Edit: We took a closer look at the official email, and it seems that the discount is in discount values, and not an actual cash discount (but that can still be in the cards). Our apologies for the confusion. The Galaxy S II will retail for Php 29,990.

Edit: We’ve finally got confirmation from Samsung – people who manage to reserve their units will get a Php 3,000 discount off the sticker price of Php 29,990, plus Php 3,000-worth of add-ons, which includes vehicle kit and casing.


    • Hi Lucy. Sorry we might have messed up the link there. We’ve pasted the link for the sale site, but it won’t go live until the 24th.

    • Sorry about that Lucy, we’ve pasted the whole link now. Unfortunately the link will only go live on the 24th, so bookmark it and visit it later if you want to grab a spot. 

      • its already June 24, and still the ” page is not found”!!! is this true or just another advertising strategy???

        • That’s because he posted the wrong link, dapat sii instead of sII. Almost didn’t get one because of that typo, thanks a lot gadgets. 

          Anyone know if this is for the 32 gb or 16 gb? 

          • Hello Mrdsa, we apologize for the mix up, we just posted the link from the official promo notification email. 

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