Review: HP G42T


By: JC Ansis

Are you looking for something that’s packed with everything you need and nothing you don’t? If the answer is “yes,” I advise you to keep reading. Hewlett Packard (HP) has been pushing laptops in the recent months, and one of their amazing releases is the HP G42T. This new low-cost yet powerful laptop promises both productivity and entertainment for mid-level consumers.

The HP G42T is powered by a Core i5 processor and comes equipped with the 64-bit version of Windows 7 Home Premium OS. It has ample memory with 2GB RAM (supports up to 8GB) and a 500GB hard-disk capacity. For display, the HP G42T has a 14-inch high-definition LED screen boasting a 16:9 display aspect ratio and a resolution of 1366 x 768 pixels.

It measures 1.24 inches thin and weighs 2.2 kg, heavy enough if you intend to bang someone on the head with it. The notebook’s HP imprint-finish, fingerprint-less design features a textured non-gloss body that looks/feels nice and doesn’t pick up scratches like glossy plastic does. The unit I tested was cloaked in prism-patterned biscotti, but the HP G42T is also available in shell white or silver color.

The laptop comes with the standard 6-cell Li-ion battery and has plenty of bloatware to keep you busy right out of the box. It’s outfitted with Altec Lansing speakers and a DVD burner for your entertainment needs. Visible on the sides are the usual ports: stereo headphone-out, microphone-in, three USB 2.0 ports and a LAN port. It also has a VGA connector and an HDMI port.

The HP G42T allows you to stay connected to the Internet with its unsurprising Wi-Fi capability, for those times you feel the itch to tweet or update your Facebook account when hanging out in malls. The built-in web camera and digital microphone are perfect for Skype conversations. I didn’t have a hard time getting acquainted with it, using the laptop was nothing but easy breezy. Writing this review on a full-sized, ergonomic keyboard with flush touchpad was a comfortable typing experience.

With the G42T, HP has again provided the public with another “nothing fancy, just reliable” product with features designed to make your computing seamless. Style and impressive performance are its strong points. And it’s quite affordable, too, no need to shatter the bank while indulging yourself. The HP G42T looks elegantly subtle and functions fast enough for people who just want to browse the web, check emails and keep in touch.

What’s Hot:

  • Classy design/aesthetic
  • Complete PC functionality
  • Reliable performance

What’s Not:

  • A tad heavy


The HP G42T is a notebook that not only looks good but does good as well.


Tech Specs
OS: Windows 7 starter
Processor: Intel core i3-350m
Memory: 4gb of DDR3
Display: 14-inch led display
Graphics: Intel HD

[This review originally appeared in the Febraury 2011 issue of Gadgets Magazine]