Apple is supposedly working on a cheaper iPhone

While all the craziness is happening in CES, a rumor has slipped out that Apple might be working on a less expensive version of the iPhone. The WSJ reports that a person close to the matter has said that the Cupertino company is working on a lower-end iPhone that would compete with devices in lower price points. To accomplish this, the company is supposedly mulling the use of polycarbonate body instead of an aluminum one, and possibly recycling some components present in older devices.

This shift in manufacturing is possibly due to Apple’s slipping market share as far as smartphones is concerned. The company held a remarkable all time high in the fourth quarter 2011, nabbing 23% of all smartphone shipments. In the third quarter of 2012 that dropped to 14.6% of all smartphone shipments, according to IDC. The new, cheaper iPhone is expected to appear in late 2013.

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Source: WSJ


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