Asus Taichi priced in leaked roadmap, will cost $1,299

We had a feeling that Asus’ ground breaking ultrabook, the Taichi would cost a bundle – dual multi-touch screens aren’t cheap after all – but we were still taken back by how much it’ll really cost. ZDNET has managed to grab a slide from Asus’ roadmap of the soon to be released devices for Windows 8, and it seems that Asus may be shooting themselves in the foot when it comes to pricing.

If the leaks are correct, the firm has priced the Taichi at $1,299 which is about Php 54135 without taxes, making it an extremely expensive unit. Other Windows 8 tablets are also priced at a premium – the Vivo Tab RT will come in at $599 (about Php 24984) without a dock, while the Asus Vivo Tab will come in at Php 33298. In a world where tablets have broken the $200 price barrier, Asus’ pricing leaves a lot to be desired.

Source: ZDNET