Best Buy Ad for Motorola Xoom leaked, WiFi crippled intentionally without data plan

Google’s plans for dominating the tablet scene might hit a pretty big hurdle – the Motorola Xoom, one of the first tablets to actually carry Honeycomb might be intentionally crippled of its WiFi if users don’t get a data plan. The information comes the way of a leaked Besy Buy ad. If so, then the Xoom might just be to pricey for consumers to start buying en masse, as the unit itself is already pegged at a pricey $799.99(about Php 35,000) without a data plan. This is the last thing that Honeycomb needs, as it’s already facing an uphill battle with Apple’s deeply entrenched iPad, and high unit prices for its Tablet OS isn’t going to help at all. Hopefully if the Xoom does shop up here, it’ll be fully functional without that silly plan and sensibly priced.

Source: Engadget