Code within Google Keep hints at future Drive integration and video support



Google Operating System, a blog that publishes news about all things Google, has uncovered multiple references pointing to the possibility that Google may be planning to allow Keep to pull content from Drive in what looks like an unused Drive integration code within Keep.


Based on what the code in question shows, Google Operating System inferred that in future developments, Keep will allow users to upload a file to Drive and add it to a note, as well as preview the file using the Google Drive Viewer and possibly other third-party apps.

The code also suggests that users will be able to add videos from YouTube or from Drive and play them directly on Keep. Currently, Keep only lets you attach images and audio files (recorded using the dictation feature on the app) to each note.

Better Drive integration has long been expected of Keep, and this discovery makes us pretty optimistic that the big G may finally be working on the upgrade we’re waiting for.

Source: Google Operating System
Via: TheNextWeb, Engadget