HTC One X+ outed by developer

Seems like HTC is planning to make a refresh of sorts for their One X flagship device. That infamous XDA Developer, Football4PDA who detailed the HTC Accord has outed the supposed new, improved specs of the One X+. According to his tweet, the new device will have a NVIDIA AP37 1.6GHz quad-core processor; 1.7GHz single-core, 32GB of storage and 1GB of RAM, with Android 4.1 Now, we were a bit confused about that whole 1.7GHz single-core mentioned especially since the device has a quad-core processor already, but Football4PDA has clarified that “processor itself is quadcore 1.6 GHz, but One core can be boosted up to 1.7 GHz”, if that makes sense to you guys. The device will be new on the inside but will still have the same polycarbonate design on the outside, so fans of the original need not fret over HTC’s “tweaking” of the design.


Source: Twitter (Football4PDA)