HTC’s One X5 is the company’s own fabulous phablet

Seems like there’s big money to be had in larger than average phones, as HTC is set to release their own 5-inch device later this month. Details have leaked ahead of the official launch of the One X5, HTC’s own phablet. There’s very little known about the hardware powering it, but if we had to guess, it’d probably have either a dual-core Qualcomm S4 processor inside, or a quad-core Qualcomm S4 Pro. HTC has always been ahead of the pack when it comes to integrating the latest version of Android into their phones, so we’d be very surprised to not see Android 4.1 Jelly Bean when the company launches the device later this week. One of the things that have been confirmed (well, confirmed-ish) is that the One X5 will have a full HD display running at 1920x1080p.

Source: Android Community