Is this what the new iPad Mini will look like?

We’re getting really close to the eventual release of the new iPhone and the rumored iPad Mini, and as always a whole deluge of rumors have started coalescing into the greater internet. 9to5 Mac has gotten a tip on what the eventual form of the new iPad Mini will finally look like, and they describe it as looking like a gigantic iPod Touch with smaller side bezels. The tech outfit has managed to get a mock-up of the rumored tablet going, and to be honest we like what we see. There will be accidental screen touching on the side when you try and pick it up to use it in portrait mode because of the thin side bezel, but we think that Apple will have worked out how that will work by the time they launch the product (possibly increase the deadzone on the bezels when you pick it up in portrait mode?). Do you like what you see? Sound off in the comments.

Source: 9To5Mac