More film is being discontinued

It’s another sad day for film enthusiasts, as a rumor has surfaced of Kodak products that will no longer be manufactured.

Whether you’ve been taking photos before the introduction of DSLRs or have jumped on lomography’s revival craze (and no, Instagram doesn’t count), Kodak’s statement rumor regarding discontinuing film production definitely sets a blow on the photographic community. While digital imagnig is an amazing revolution, it still lacks the character and grit of film, which makes this news disheartening. If your favorite film is listed here, it’s time to stack up while supplies last.

The following is a list of the film being discontinued:

  • Tmax 400 120 in single rolls
  • Tri-x pan 120 400 in single rolls
  • Elite Chrome 100/36
  • BW400cn/24 three packs
  • Gold 200/24 four packs
  • Max 400/12 single roll
  • Max 400/24 four packs
UPDATE 11/22/2011:
Kodak states they are only discontinuing Max 400/12 and Elite Chrome 100/36. The rest of the films listed will be “repackaged” in how it is sold in retail stores.  The T-Max 400 120 and Tri-X Pan 120 400 will come in five-roll “pro-packs” , the Max 400/24 will be packaged in fours, singles and 3-packs, the BW400cn will now e sold individually rather than in three packs.

And just in case you missed the story, FujiFilm has also cut a number of their prized films:

Negative Film:
Sheet film (cut size):
FujiColor Pro 160NC 4×5 20 sheet pack
Fujicolor Pro 160NC 4×5 Quick load type 20 sheet pack
Reversal film:
135 (35mm size):
Fuji Sensia III 100 24 exp roll
Fuji Sensia III 100 36 exp roll
Tungsten T64 36 exop roll
Medium format
120 size:
Astia 100F 12 exp 5 pack
220 size:
Astia 100F 24 exp 5 pack
Sheet film (cut size):
Astia 100F 4×5 20 sheet pack
Astia 100F 8×10 20 sheet pack
Astia 100F 4×5 quick load 20 sheet pack
Black and white negative film
135 (35mm size):
Neopan SS 36 exp roll


Source: PhotoRumors, PetaPixel