Nikon supposedly launching CoolPix S800 soon, first Android powered point-and-shoot camera

Nikon’s supposedly stepping up and offering something new beyond the usual fare of higher megapixels and better zooms in digital cameras, as the company is supposedly releasing their Android powered CoolPix S800 to the market on August 22. The new device will run on Android (2.3) and will have full access to Google Play, allowing third party apps to run on the device. Some of you may be asking what the possible implications of a Android powered camera are – off the top of our head, faster tagging and social network sharing are just some of our guesses. Additional specs include a 3.5-inch screen of some sort, along with a GPS module and a WiFi module. The camera will also supposedly have a 25-250 mm lens, so you know it’s going to be a decent shooter, not just a gimmick camera. Let’s just hope this rumor pans out, eh?

Source: Nikon Rumors