Nokia Sweden tells curious user that Instagram app for Windows Phone 8 is “on the way”

In response to a comment from a curious user of a Lumia 920, Nokia Sweden claimed that an Instagram app for Windows Phone 8 is “on the way,” but at the same time, Nokia expressed that they could not give the exact date of release.

Nokia Sweden deleted its response soon after, probably because the app in question isn’t official yet or is a secret, but luckily, the folks at Windows Phone Central were able to get a screenshot of the comment exchange between Nokia and the concerned user.

Translation via Google Translate

Marcus Pettersson: When will you release Instagram for Nokia Lumia 920?

Nokia Sweden: Instagram is on the way but can’t give an exact date yet.

As long as neither Microsoft nor Instagram announces the official availability of the app, we’re not going to assume anything, but we are hopeful that the app will soon make its way to the Windows Phone platform. Android and iOS users are most certainly enjoying the popular photo-editing and -sharing app, and we can see no reason why Windows Phone 8 users should be left out of the party. After all, the market for Windows Phone 8 devices is undeniably making its way up the charts, and so is the number of apps being made available for the platform at the Windows Store.