Pictures for HTC’s upcoming Proto smartphone leaked, suspiciously looks like their Desire V

HTC Proto

The Verge has leaked pictures of HTC’s up-and-coming Proto smartphone, and we have to say, it really, really looks like their recently released, dual-sim device, the Desire V. The Proto is supposedly comes with a 4-inch screen, a WVGA display, 5-megapixel camera, and 1GHz dual-core Snapdragon processor.

Desire V. Notice the camera module.

Aside from the processor, the spec list mirrors what the Desire V has and has exactly the same design as the V, down to its distinctive camera module, which might mean that the Proto is a single SIM version of the Desire V. If that’s the case, we welcome the move – we lauded the Desire V’s overall design aesthetics as it didn’t really feel like a cheap, dual-sim device, though we criticized it for its poor performance because of the older, single core processor. With the Proto, HTC will be sticking with the Desire V’s strengths and addressing its weaknesses. We’ll know soon enough if this is all true once the company unveils it next week in Berlin during IFA.

Source: The Verge