Unknown Android device appears on AnTuTu running Android 5.0.1 OS (Key Lime Pie)



A yet-to-be-named device codenamed the “X Phone” has appeared on Android’s AnTuTu benchmarking software as running Android 5.0.1 (Key Lime Pie). Google and Motorola are rumored to be behind the development of the so-called X Phone but neither company has confirmed the existence of such a phone.

AnTuTu has listed the X Phone as being tested in the United States, where both Google and Motorola are located. We do know a few specs, though—the X Phone has a 1.5 GHz processor, which could mean that either the Snapdragon 600, Snapdragon 800, or Tegra 4 is powering the device. We also know that it is running Android 5.0.1 (Key Lime Pie), which could mean the OS is in beta testing phase. However, those two specs alone aren’t much to go on.

Some reports also say that it could also be someone messing with the AnTuTu database. The AnTuTu database is easily editable by anyone who knows their way around Android devices. We’ll keep you up to date as more information comes available, but if it isn’t someone trolling AnTuTu, this could mean that Android 5.0.1 (Key Lime Pie) is on its way sooner than expected.

Source: GSMInsider