Quick Look: Razer Ornata Chroma

Designed with comfort, speed and accuracy in mind, Razer’s Ornata Chroma is both a gamer’s and a typist’s dream. This keyboard gets the gaming peripheral company’s new Mecha-Membrane technology which combines the cushioning of a rubber dome with the “tactile click” of a mechanical switch, minimizing effort but all the while getting better actuation. Combine this with special mid-height keycaps that bridge the feel of the full height keycaps with the speed of Chiclet ones, and you get a super accurate keyboard that doesn’t sacrifice agility. As mentioned in its name, the Ornata is powered by the Razer Chroma which has 16.8 million customizable color options that you can utilize to up your game, or just show off to your mates. The keyboard also has an ergonomic wrist rest for those Overwatch endurance weekends.

Price: PHP 4,999