Quick Look: Google Home Max

Google’s new smart home speaker promises not just smart connectivity but also excellent audio quality. The Home Max features two, 4.5-inch woofers coupled with custom tweeters for a clean, balanced sound, allowing users to listen to millions of songs via their favorite streaming services. To make things smarter, the Home Max is Smart Sound-enabled, which uses sensors and machine learning to optimize sound diffusion based on where the speaker is placed, what objects are in its surroundings and what kind of music the user is listening to. Smart Sound will continuously update itself, improving audio quality throughout the Home Max’s lifespan. Google also improves upon the device’s Assistant capabilities with far-field voice control, detecting commands even from across the room. The Home Max can connect to devices via auxiliary, Bluetooth and Wi-Fi, and can wirelessly pair with another Home Max speaker for a broader, wall-to-wall stereo image.