Sony’s GTK-XB7

Ready to transform your home into the perfect party venue? Music is at a soul of every great party out there. With exciting beats and  powerful bass, people are bound to get their groove on and party like there’s no tomorrow. For that bombastic bass sound with 2 large woofers that feature a low frequency response, Sony’s GTK-XB7 Speakers pack enough power to achieve that club like experience.

Behind the speaker’s stunning sound quality is the brand’s Extra Bass technology merged with its DSP technology. To ensure that sound beats and vocals are still audible upon playback, the  technologies mentioned  intelligently process  frequencies according to the source, thus  preserving excellent audio quality. The result is powerful bass notes perfect for upbeat electronic dance tracks.

The speaker also allows a variety of customizations. Put vertically or on its side, the XB7 speaker is still able to produce exceptional stereo sound. Adding to this is its 3-way multi-color illumination. The line lights, flashing strobes, and speaker lights all pulse in sync to the music playing. For internal customization, there’s Sony’s SongPal mobile application to apply different sound effects.

For people who wish to bring their experience to a further level, the speakers also feature a speaker “add function” to link a second XB7 unit via Bluetooth. Additional features include convenient pairing via Bluetooth and NFC, USB charging, and AUX connections.