GadgetsLab: Blaupunkt Sport 112 Neckband In-ear Headphones

Screen Shot 2014-01-30 at 2.36.06 PMSpecifications:

  • Type: In-ear headphones
  • Frequency Response: 10Hz-21kHz
  • SPL: 96 dB +/- 3dB
  • Impedance: 16 ohms
  • Cord Length: 1m
  • Plug: 3.5mm stereo mini-plug

What’s Hot:

  • Slim and lightweight
  • Comfortable
  • Secure fit on head

What’s Not:

  • Earbuds don’t fit in my ear (or maybe   that’s just me)
  • Not sweat-proof
  • Cord too short


  • If you need a lightweight set of headphones that sit securely and comfortably on your head, the Blaupunkt Sport 112 Neckband is the perfect fit.

Screen Shot 2014-01-30 at 2.36.21 PM


I’m one who believes that everything I do should have some sort of soundtrack, whether I’m on the road, working, reading, or writing. This is why I always carry a trusty pair of earphones or headphones with me wherever I go, whatever I’m doing—physical activities included.

I’ve had this long-standing predicament, though, of determining which among my headphones is best suited for use during my occasional jogs. The headphones I have at home are a bit bulky, and I often feel uncomfortable wearing them over a long period of time. The earphones, on the other hand, just keep falling off whenever I move. The Blaupunkt Sport 112 Neckband came my way, and I decided to put it to the test to determine if it’s the type of audio device that would be actually be well-suited for any kind of physical activity, as advertised.

To be honest, audio devices with earbuds are among my least favorite types of gadgets because I never seem to get them to fit and stay inside my ear. This particular device is no exception. I constantly had to re-secure the earbuds inside my ear canal every fifteen minutes or so just to hear the music well enough. As much as I was frustrated, I really couldn’t pin the blame on the device. I guess the problem is pretty much my small ear canal openings.

I was pleased, though, that even if I couldn’t get the buds to stay in my ears, I didn’t have to worry about the headphones falling off my head. The headband kept it sitting snugly around my dome even when I used it whilst running and exercising. This was definitely good news to me because there’s actually no way of adjusting the size and fit of the headband, so in case it didn’t fit, it would’ve been a bit of a problem.

There’s not much to say about sound quality except that the Sport 112 Neckband lives up to the reputation of other Blaupunkt products, having superb audio quality. The mixture of frequencies is well balanced—the lows are well rounded, and at the same time, the highs are not washed out. Overall, there’s good sound detail coming from these cans.

I found the cord a little short, though. I understand that running, jogging or doing any other physical activity with a wire dangling on the side or along the thigh can be annoying and uncomfortable, but so is having a wire that’s too short that you accidentally tug it from your head when your body is doing big movements. Maybe it the cord were a wee bit longer, I would’ve fully enjoyed wearing the device on my head and I would’ve felt a tad more at ease.

What I appreciate the most about the Sport 112 Neckband, though, is its lightness. Even though I kept fidgeting with the earbuds, I liked how I didn’t feel like I was carrying a brick on my head, which is how I usually feel when I’m wearing supra-aural headphones. Dangling the device around my neck when I wasn’t using it was never uncomfortable; at one point I even forgot that something was hanging there. It wasn’t any trouble to carry around in my bag, either, since the device weighs almost like nothing. Also, despite having a slim and almost weightless neckband, it doesn’t look nor feel like it’s going to break into pieces if I accidentally sit on it. It’s comfortable enough for long-time use, and it keeps your

As the name indicates, this device is supposed to be worn while you’re taking part in some sort of physical activity, which means that you’ll most likely be sweating. However, nothing on the box indicates that it’s sweat-proof, and that’s something that I’m slightly uncomfortable with. Instead of having a trouble-free, tune-filled exercise session, I’d probably be worrying if the earbuds are getting drenched in my bodily fluids.

The PHP 1,200 price tag is not bad for a set of sports headphones, and based on the time I’ve spent with device, I can attest to its value for those who want to liven up their physical activities with some music. The Blaupunkt Sport 112 Neckband may not be protected from your sweat, but it can offer you a secure and comfortable fit. You will hardly notice it on your head while you’re being pumped up by intensifying tunes with excellent audio quality.

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First Published in Gadgets Magazine, May 2013

Words by Racine Anne Castro