GadgetsLab: Sol Republic Tracks HD V10

SOL Republic

As one of those people who are in constant need of music, I make sure to always bring a trusty pair of headphones with me. When the SOL Republic Tracks HD V10 arrived at the office, I was more than happy to plug it in my work laptop and give it a try.

Design (3.5/5)

One thing that concerns us all whenever we purchase auxiliary items like headphones is how long it will last. We have all probably owned few sets since first discovering music. We treat each differently, though the ending is usually the same: squashed in our bags on a jarring commute, dashed on the pavement while running late for a certain appointment, or simply dead by natural causes. A brand aimed at the young and hip, one of SOL Republics’ selling points, aside from its striking design, is creating headphones that can hold up to rough use (a matter which we will tackle later on).

Opening the package holds no surprises: a pair of cans neatly seated in a box. Taking it out of the pack will change your initial perception. SOL Republic takes the unconventional road with a band that comes separate from the cans. The purpose of this is interchangeability, as you can take personalization to greater extent with cables, headbands, and cans that are available in different colors, which beyond doubt will satisfy every persona.

The cans come together easily. It’s like a make-your-own headphones type of engagement: you just slip the cans onto the headband (right and left), adjust it to your comfort, plug the wire and you’ve got yourself on-ear headphones.

Hardware (4/5)

The headband of this headphone is created with the brand’s proprietary polymer called FlexTech,  which ensures that you’ve purchased a nearly indestructible pair. We had the unit do a little bit of stretching as to what dancers normally do before heading to the stage, i.e. splits, backbends, and twists. Though hesitant to actually carry out what I said, the pair amusingly flexed as I yanked, bending gracefully, instead of breaking.

The cans (or sound engines) have quite some bling to them. They sport a minimalist metal back, with soft leather-cushioned earpads for a comfortable music-listening experience. The thick wire features a jack on one end for your smartphone, tablet, or laptop; on the other end are connectors for the earpieces. It also comes integrated with a built-in mic/remote control, which comes in handy for answering calls and adjusting volumes.

User Experience (3/5)

The battle of the headphones all comes down to the quality of sound. The Tracks HD V10 has a unique sound signature, one that you’ll know is from SOL Republic. It produces sharp and rich output, setting it at higher volumes still gives you a non-distorted music experience with utter intensity.

As someone who is particular with bass, I was tad bit disappointed that it lacked the thump I was looking for. The bass it produces is meek, though, it gave me detailed mids and highs in consolation. The earpads were gentle and soft to the ear; it isn’t too big that it covers the ear. Noise cancellation is pretty decent, but given the size of its earpads you won’t get much of that cut-off-from-the-world feel. Also, if you’re turning up the volume while walking around the neighborhood you might as well know the probability of the person next to you learning your secret obsession to Hannah Montana tracks is likely high (because sound leaks).

Donning a pair looks quite odd as it sports a different kind of construction compared to the headphones we are accustomed to; think Queen Amidala’s awkward headdress. But your eyes will ease into it soon, I guarantee. This pair is lightweight, and can be forgotten in short order. This means you are entitled to an extended sound trip ‘til the wee hours of the night, you can even sleep on it but I wouldn’t recommend that.

Value (3.5)

At PHP 8,500 you get headphones that combine quality sound with distinct looks. Though it might put a hole on your wallet, its great build and durability (hey, it’s virtually unbreakable) will certainly have you ponder that you made a wise investment.


If you are keen on personalization and robustness the SOL Republic Tracks HD V10 is the pair for you.


Type: On-Ear Headphones

Speakers: V10 High-definition sound engine


Jack: 3.5mm

Cable: Detachable cable with 3-button remote

What’s Hot:

– Virtually unbreakable

– Neat design

What’s Not:

– Sound leaks

– Its construction kind of looks awkward and uncomfortable