GadgetsLab: Tattoo 4G Prepaid Superstick

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  • Connectivity: HSPA+/HSUPA/HSDPA/UMTS, Wi-Fi
  • Max downlink speed: 21.6 Mbps
  • Battery: 1400mAh
  • Dimensions: 92.2×60.1×12.8mm
  • Maximum simultaneous connections: 8
  • Indicator: LED screen with icon display

What’s Hot:

  • Affordable initial investment,   • Provides faster speed than normal    3G internet dongles.
  • Works for 4 to 5  hours on a fresh    charge, Connects to 8 devices.

What’s Not:

  • No 3G/2G indicator,
  • Have to access the UI to get certain  info


  • If you have multiple devices want to be able to surf anytime anywhere, without breaking bank, the Tattoo 4G Superstick is the one for you

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In this fast paced world of ours, where social media is king, internet access is no longer a luxury, but a necessity.  Whether for work or for play, it’s really difficult to just depend on the free but unreliable Wi-Fi we get at restaurants or malls. There is nothing more convenient than having your own connection, anytime and anywhere you need it.

Unlimited mobile internet is not for everyone. There are those who just don’t have the expendable cash to commit to a postpaid plan, and those who simply don’t use that much mobile data to justify the expense. For those who fall under these categories, prepaid internet access is the best option. With the Tattoo 4G Prepaid Superstick, subscribers have access to Globe’s expansive HSPA+ nationwide coverage of 3,015 sites, while only having to paying for what you use.

As its name suggests, this device, along with the two other models under the 4G category, is the next generation of the 3G sticks first introduced to our market several years ago. While they don’t exactly hit the speeds that are available for LTE capable devices (that are still quite expensive at this time), they do provide decent download speeds.

The Globe Tattoo 4G Prepaid Superstick we got to test is the Huawei E5331-s. It is a mobile hotspot that can support up to eight devices simultaneously. This is really convenient when you carry a combination of smartphones-tablet-laptop, plus have family or friends who want to share your connection.

The device accesses the Internet via HSPA+ (4G), HSUPA, HSDPA and UMTS. On the box, it says that it can reach a maximum speed of 7.2 Mbps, but the device is actually rated to have a peak download speed of up to 21Mbps on HSPA+. At home in Quezon City, I got decent download speeds of between 3.5 and 6Mbps, speeds that were faster than my wired connection, although as is the nature of the beast, these speeds slowed down during peak hours.

In lieu of a screen, the device has a set of LED indicators that show you signal and Wi-Fi strength, battery levels, as well as any unread text messages you may have. While this may have added to its battery life, I miss the 3G/2G indicator in my older unit, which told me to just shut off the device to conserve the battery when the 2G sign was flashing. The unit is charged using the included USB extension cable, and has a working time of 4 to 5 hours on a fresh charge.

Installing the device to my laptop was a breeze, and took under a minute on OSX 10.8.3. Despite not being on the list of supported operating systems, we also tried installing it to a Windows 8 device, and while it took a bit longer to install, the process still proceeded seamlessly.

From the device’s configuration screen, one can easily setup their device manually or with the Quick Setup guide, check for software updates with one click, send and receive SMS, checkout the stats and see who’s connected to you.

All in all, the Tattoo 4G Superstick is a worthy investment for those who want fast and reliable internet wherever they are without breaking bank. Its reduced price of PHP 2,895 is really a steal, considering the number of devices it can accommodate at the same time.

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First Published in Gadgets Magazine, May 2013

Words by Mika Fernandez-David