Cooking Like a Pro

Cooking multiple dishes can be quite the heavy chore. If even professional cooks struggle with managing multiple meal preparations, what more when an average family member is tasked to prepare a big feast for his/her loved ones? More often than not, cooking skills alone will not suffice. In many cases, it’s best to have readily available appliances in your kitchen that are more capable, and overall, make cooking like a pro easier than ever.

One of the keys to cooking like a pro is a kitchen appliance that will have your back especially in those days when you need to prepare a feast for your loved ones. Beko, one of the leading home appliance brands in Europe, is now offering a new line-up of cookers to ease up cooking multiple meals at once. Among  its newest offerings is the popular induction hob that lands a common favorite in the household.

Dyeun Zapanta, sales and marketing head of Beko, says that the quick and cheap to use induction hub is the best choice for cooking enthusiasts. The electricity that passes through the copper coil magnets conveniently and effectively generate heat. With the embedded technology, the induction hob is able to effectively direct the heat towards the  contents on the pan without having to warm the whole surface. The result is a cooking dish that’s more quick, and one that conserves more energy.

To make cooking multiple meals possible,  Beko Induction Hobs  feature the latest IndyFlex+ technology that’s able to expand the cooking surface, thus allowing cooks to use any size or number of pans they like. Unlike traditional cookers, the Beko Hobs are able to utilize eight independent coils that can be conveniently managed through digital buttons. The digital buttons are likewise able to split the area of cooking into separate zones. Consequently, the independent cooking zones can be recombined and managed to better suit almost any pot size.

“Today’s ideal cookers combine all the necessary features that the customer’s need. Beko Induction Hobs, as well as our other cooker offerings, are equipped with all the latest innovations and functions to make every cooking time hassle-free and a truly enjoyable experience,” Zapanta further shared