Quick Look: Amazon Echo Spot

Amazon gave the world a preview of what it had in store for the holidays with a surprise hardware event, and the Echo Spot is one of the headliners of the show. The Spot is basically a tinier version of the regular Echo, designed to be a bedside companion, allowing users to connect to Echo and Alexa-based apps and services while also serving as an alarm clock-slash-video phone. With full incorporation into Alexa’s smart home capabilities, users can seamlessly transition from their main Echo device to the Spot room to room, controlling everything from the TV to the thermostat. The Echo Spot also plays music, video clips through various online streaming services like Spotify or TuneIn, and can connect to external speakers via Bluetooth or the 3.5mm jack. The Echo Spot will be available in Amazon by December 19 for USD 129.99, but can now be pre-ordered.