Quick Look: J-tech Inverter Air-conditioner

Be optimally refreshed with Sharp’s latest innovation in air-conditioning, the J-Tech Inverter Series with the industry’s lowest temperature setting. This air conditioner can be set to a temperature of 14 degrees celsius for effective cooling in severely hot weather.

With its Super Jet Mode the massive blast of chilled air automatically reduces the temperature in the room by 5 degrees in just 5 minutes. The cool air can travel up to 14 meters across the room and exploits the Coanda effect, a natural tendency for a jet of gas or liquid to be attracted to nearby surfaces. This saves energy and gives greater installation freedom.

The lock-on sensor that is installed in J-tech inverter detects the location of the remote and automatically sends refreshing air in its direction. Its louver can be adjusted to any desired angle and can rotate 180 degrees to deliver 50 percent broader coverage and a more diffused flow of air throughout the room. The J-tech Inverter features a massive dragonfly-wing shaped fan blade that is incredibly largest for an air conditioner in the 9,000 BTU class.

The J-Tech Inverter’s unique Plasmacluster Ion Technology removes 99 percent of airborne bacteria, constrains airborne viruses, and blot out air borne molds and other contaminants. You can also enjoy the quiet you need for a good night sleep with the Quiet operation function that ensures a low noise level of only 19 decibels.

Despite its powerful cooling, J-tech inverter air conditioners turn precisely controlled power consumption into energy-efficient operation. It utilizes high-power DC motors for the compressor and fan to lessen energy consumption and escalate performance efficiency.

Words by Jeasl Gasilan