Quick Look: LG Dual Door-in-Door Refrigerator

For the gourmet (or the gourmand) who likes to have a well-stocked fridge, LG’s Dual Door-in-Door refrigerator is a 35-cubic foot masterpiece of food and drink storage. The fridge is the first in the market to have six doors built in, and even has external door storage which is designed for better organization as well as reducing cold air loss. Apart from its huge capacity and dashing, stainless steel good looks, the Dual Door-in-Door also has LG’s Hygiene Fresh+ technology which uses a five-stage filter that eliminates most food spoiling agents such as dust, fungal spores, acidic and alkaline odors, and bacteria. This system removes up to 99.999 percent of airborne food contaminants which helps make food last longer. As an LG Linear Inverter Compressor refrigerator, the Dual Door-in-Door uses up to 32 percent less energy than fridges that use conventional reciprocating compressors. The fridge retails at PHP 169,995 and comes with a 10-year LG warranty.