Cesar Millan Returns to Recruit Asia’s New Pack Leader

Asia’s biggest dog trainer competition, Cesar’s Recruit: Asia, has announced its return for a third season in 2019. Auditions are now open to aspiring dog trainers across the region, aged 19 years old and above, for an opportunity to work with world-renowned dog behaviour expert, Cesar Millan. This season, Millan will be represented by his new management team Tony Deniro and Ashwant Venkatram.

Presented by Subaru, Cesar’s Recruit: Asia Season 3 will be hunting for eight contestants to vie
for the coveted title of “Asian Recruit” and become an ambassador for their home country. The
winner will assist Millan on his global mission to help dog owners achieve balance and harmony
with their pets.

“I’m looking for the next cohort of recruits with the right attitude and passion to do what it takes to become top dog in the industry,” said Cesar Millan. “All dogs deserve the best chance in life, and
I am glad Subaru shares this vision and is working with me to share my knowledge with dog lovers
across Asia.”

In the upcoming season, contestants will compete in gruelling tasks designed to test their mental
fortitude – their resilience and focus, as part of their quest to becoming the ultimate pack leader.
They will need to prove themselves capable of demonstrating the right temperament, disposition
and energy required for pack leadership, in order to avoid elimination.

Over the series of seven planned episodes, each episode will see new challenges themed around
an aspect of dog training. From honing their state of mind and overcoming their fears, to getting
into peak physical shape. One contestant will be eliminated following each episode’s challenge.

The winner of Cesar’s Recruit: Asia Season 3 will hold the title of “Subaru Ambassador” for one
year and will join Cesar on his live shows as he tours around Asia.

Cesar’s Recruit: Asia is open to passionate animal lovers regardless of gender, background,
occupation and prior dog training experience. Filming will take place in Singapore between
February and March 2019, and contestants must be able to speak English and have valid travel
documents. Interested applicants can apply starting December 22, 2018 by signing up at