Fashion brands continue to move to cyberspace

A few weeks ago we published a story about how famous fashion brands were now going the “blogging” way, that is, they began making online accounts in Tumblr and used it to announce new collections, interact with consumers and more.

This isn’t the only tech-step that fashion has taken. Online store Zugara has also made the leap to cyberspace through their augmented reality feature on their site that allows consumers to try on items in the comfort of their own home.


More recently, Italian brand Terranova has launched a new campaign for their Spring 2011 collection, by putting up a video on YouTube and using their Facebook fan page to encourage visitors to shop online.

This campaign features a new product everyday on Facebook and the more “Likes” a look gets, the bigger the discount fans/consumers will get on the items the next day. One “Like” is equal to € 0.05. Peep the video. It’s in Italian, but you’ll get the gist of it.